No, I haven’t yet abandoned this blog/review project

Although this site has been dormant for the past six months (and barely active before then) due to a few review projects I had undertaken elsewhere, I do plan on writing about at least 50 essays on various novels, non-fiction, poetry, art, and cinema that touch upon the Great War/World War I.   One of the first things I will review is Erwin Mortier’s 2008 book, While the Gods Were Sleeping, the English translation of which will be published in the US in February.  I also plan to discuss the Library of America edition Barbara Tuchman’s The Guns of August and The Proud Tower, in part to examine how a mid-20th century classic stands up in the light of newer research.

Since the War was written about from the perspectives of participants of divers languages and cultures, I also hope in the coming weeks and months to discuss some of the non-English literature on the war.  Croat writer Miroslav Krleža’s Hrvatski Bog Mars (Croatian God Mars)’s component stories will be reviewed individually as I slowly continue my reading of the text (my knowledge of Serbo-Croatian is limited, so I have to look up a lot of words, but this has its benefits when it comes to a close reading of the text).  There will be other stories, novel and short story length, if not poetry as well, presented from the French, German, Italian, and Romanian sides as well, with possibly translations of Russian writers included as well in the years to come.

But I am in danger of putting the cart before the horse by listing what I hope to read and review before I actually begin this undertaking.  Hopefully by year’s end, World War I Literature, Art, and Cinema will begin to look more like the comprehensive survey of World War I material culture that I had envisioned when I began this blog nearly a year ago.

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